The Conductive Garboil Grant

A yearly, non-restricted award of $3,000 for Seattle Artists who have a connection to the Pioneer Square neighborhood

Congratulations 2017 CGG Awardees!

Juan Alonso-Rodríguez &
Romson Regarde Bustillo

RSVP to join us in celebrating Juan and Bustillo,
Wednesday, November 8, 5:00-8:00pm at The Little London Plane
Award presentations begin at 6:00 pm

The Grant

CGG General Description

Artist awardees will have demonstrated a profound ability to challenge the limits of conductive creative discourse and its effects on our society, pushing the creative act beyond the accepted limits, definitions, or purposes of art while engaging audiences outside the aesthetic industrial complex.

This grant is administered by The Estate of Su Job, 4Culture and Artist Trust.

In the Founder's Words

"Since the industrial revolution, the role of art in society has gone through profound changes, more than any other period in the history of civilization. When we examine the role of art in ancient cultures, its use in ritual and ceremony, the contrast is significant.

Over the course of western history, institutions of power, both religious and state, have used art as a propaganda tool and vehicle to further their own agendas, which may in fact not serve the best interests of society. During the twentieth century, and especially with the advent of television, market forces completely subsumed the power of the image, and in a broader sense how all creative acts are perceived by society. Today, in ever more sophisticated ways, art is bound to consumer culture, and ultimately, a servant of the capitalist agenda.

The result of these developments is a profound disconnection in the lives of everyday people with the creative process, and the initial impetus for the creative act.

The purpose of this grant is to recognize an artist who incorporates the creative process into a life practice that diffuses the boundaries between professional activities, social responsibilities, and respect for the people that compose the community we all share.

Su Job, December, 2008

Who Can Apply?

  • Artists and artist teams with a significant connection to Pioneer Square.

    Applicants must have created work that is connected to Pioneer Square, as a site of performance, exhibition, other activity, or theme, or have a studio in Pioneer Square, or live in the Square. Artists must be residents of King County.
  • Artists and artist teams working in any media or discipline.

    Artists of any discipline or working in any media are welcome to apply, including performers, writers, musicians, and even mimes. This grant is not limited to visual artists.

Application Requirements

  • Understand the unique criteria of the Conductive Garboil Grant.

    Applicants should read all of the material on this website, and follow the instructions in the Call for Applications on the 4Culture website. Applicants are required to write a persuasive essay of up to two pages, outlining why they meet the grant criteria, and to submit documentation of their artworks and/or art practice.
  • Need Clarity?

    To further understand the Conductive Garboil Grant, read our FAQ with helpful tips for your application.


How to Apply

  1. Understand the unique requirements of the grant, watch the grant founder's video, and read the material on this website.
  2. Read and follow the instructions in the Call for Applications.
  3. Prepare all required submission materials.
  4. Apply via 4Culture's Online Application system.

Optional Nomination Method

If you are a Pioneer Square business owner or community member, you can nominate an artist for the grant. You may do so by obtaining a copy of the application for your nominated artist, or by contacting Cath Brunner at 4Culture. Artists do not have to be nominated to apply or to receive the grant.

Need Assistance?

If you need assistance with the application process or have questions about the grant criteria, contact Cath Brunner at 4Culture.

2017 Schedule

  • Application Deadline: Monday, August 14, 4pm PDT
  • Initial Selection: Friday, September 8
  • Panel Studio Visits: TBD September 11-14
  • Finalist Selection Panel: Thursday, September 14
  • Award Event: Wednesday, November 8, 5:00-8:00pm

Selection Panel

Each year a new group of panelists is chosen based on the grant's specific criteria. Panelists include artists, Pioneer Square community members, and last year's CGG awardee.

Contact Us

For Assistance with the Application Process

Contact: Cath Brunner
(206) 263-1596

Press or Media Inquiries

Contact: Christina DePaolo
(206) 263-1588

Estate of Su Job

For more information about artist and grant founder Su Job, please contact:
Lynn Schirmer
(206) 913-1470

Donate to the CGG Fund

All donations are tax-deductible

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By Mail

  1. Please make out your donation to "Artist Trust"
  2. Note on the memo section, or in your correspondence that the donation is for the Conductive Garboil or CG Grant.
  3. Mail to:
    Artist Trust
    1835 12th Ave.
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